Well-established dating site that specializes in introducing single women from Russia and Ukraine.
Reliable marriage agency that offers quality services to Australian men who are seeking a Russian or Ukrainian wife.
Dating Service to Meet Stunning Belarusian Girl Anastasiya from Grodno, Belarus
Sexy Ukrainian Lady Elena from Kharkov, Ukraine
Pretty Belarusian Bride Nataliya from Grodno, Belarus
Charming Ukrainian Girl Tatiyana from Kiev, Ukraine
Beautiful Belarusian Lady Zhanna from Minsk, Belarus
Datingsite to Meet Gorgeous Belarusian Girl Olga from Grodno, Belarus
Ukrainian Girl for Marriage - Tatiyana from Kiev, Ukraine
Dating Service to Meet Sexy Ukrainian Woman Nadezhda from Kiev, Ukraine
Sexy Ukrainian Woman Tatiyana from Vinnitsa, Ukraine
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Dear Alain and Julia, thank you for your time. I spoke with you both by phone last week. I really like to use your site as I find it excellent and very professional.

Val, Ireland
"If 10 months ago somebody had told me I would meet someone as wonderful as you and who I want to share everything with, I would have thought they were crazy" - these were the words my husband Jason told in his wedding speech, and since we are real soul mates with him, I can tell absolutely the same. It is unbelievable how life can change for such a short period and give us the most amazing unexpected surprises. His profile was active only for two weeks, he answered only to me and now we are sure that our guardian angels were watching us and brought us together. We did not expect any good from this adventure. I simply liked his sincere words and kind blue eyes and he liked my profile and smile. After long letters we realized we need more time and space to talk about everything we wanted, and smiled every time recalling each written word, waiting for another letter impatiently. I would never think I could trust somebody so much. During our second meeting in Kiev he proposed me to marry, which was a shock, truly saying, so we made a deal that I will give my answer in October, when we had to celebrate my birthday together. In a week after Kiev, when communicating with his friends on skype, they noted that if we would planned our wedding it should be done until winter. That is when I realized I would not be able to wait until the next warm season to be together with Jason for once and for all. We got married on the 9 October, and I thank God, agency and modern technologies every day for the gift of our love and letting us meet each other on the distance of 2000 miles.

Jason and Yuliya, UK
Dear Miss Yuliya Kuneyeva Thank you for your information and strong trusting relationship that I can trust in you. Its wonderful to know that there is still people like you that is doing such wonderful work as you are doing now to help people... I`m relay greatful for this and I just want you to know that I`m so proud of her to see her with the present and that everything is real. Thank you so much!

Kobus, South Africa
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International Dating Site Offering Quality Services to Australian Men
who are Seeking a Russian or Ukrainian Wife

Dating Site to Meet Sexy Belarusian Woman Olga from Grodno, Belarus

It's not a secret that many men consider Russian and Ukrainian women to be among the best wives. It's also not a secret that single men from all over the world travel to Russia and Ukraine to meet single women they contacted via dating sites and international marriage agency services. This phenomenon has been going on for many years and will most likely keep doing so for many years to come.

Of course, Russian and Ukrainian women do not attract all men, but they sure attract those men who are looking for a woman who is family oriented, who loves cooking and does it very well, who is always an incredible host to your guests, who is not afraid to work and yet does not necessarily need to have a career and be financially independent, who takes care of her appearance and dresses elegantly every day - and the list is goes on.

With the help of our international dating site and our matchmaking services, men and women get to know each other by exchanging letters and communicating with Skype. We encourage our members to take the time to write interesting letters and discuss important issues such as children, family life, work, friends, hobbies, etc. This type of communication versus chatting or short letters will allow both parties to assess if there is enough in common to further develop the relationship.

With the Help of our Trusted Marriage Agencies and Matchmaking Service
Our Clients are in an Excellent Position to Find their Charming Wife

It is a well-known fact that there are many scammers and dishonest people who are hiding behind fake profiles of Russian or Ukrainian women with the only intent to make a profit. There are also many sites offering different video chat services that make one wonder if those girls are really interested in finding a husband from abroad. It is also a fact that there are good and honest sites and marriage agencies that are in not only for the money but also to truly help single men and single women to develop long term relationships. We and our partner marriage agencies are among them.

Beautiful Russian Girls

We do not organize group visits or socials, but we rather focus on the one on one personal approach that proved to bring much more success. During the correspondence in which our members get to know each other, our agencies role is mainly to help the women with translation when required, either with the letters, phone calls or Skype meetings. However, when comes time to meet in person, our marriage agencies owners and staff play an important role. From the moment our guests arrive in their city, they are able to take care of all the logistics: pick them up at the airport, bus station or train station, take them to their apartment, go shopping and do some tourism while visiting points of interest. The apartments are fully furnished and well located, usually in the city center and near the agency’s offices. Moreover, they are always available to help our clients with any situation that may arise knowing that they are in a foreign country and usually don’t know the language. In other terms, they are excellent and reliable hosts.

The vast majority of our marriage agency owners are in this business for several years. They are experienced and offer a high quality matchmaking service that aims to match our clients with their single women according to their personality and search criteria. If you are looking for a woman who always puts the couple and family first, it is possible that one of these women from Russia or Ukraine could one day become your charming and loving Russian or Ukrainian wife!



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